August 3 2019

I’ve been creating websites for a while now. Some of these get consistent visitors, while some are nearly unknown. At some point I realized there was an opportunity here: my popular sites could advertise my other sites. So, I started manually adding small text ads to each.

This quickly became unwieldy. I’m closing in on ten active projects, and I got sick of updating all of them whenever I launched something new. I decided my next project would solve this problem.

I call it Plugserv, since it lets me shamelessly plug my websites. It’s an open source ad server: I configure it with all my ads and add a javascript snippet to each site. Plugserv then rotates my ads automatically and collects basic performance metrics. Here’s a live example of what this looks like:

Sign up at to run ads for your own sites! It’s free to use and open source.

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