Leaving Venmo after five years

April 26 2019

I left Venmo recently, after an eventful five and a half year stay. Over that time we increased quarterly payment volume by over 100x, grew from dozens to hundreds of employees, and were both acquired and spun off. I’d grown too: with the fourth longest tenure at Venmo, I was now leading a team and part of engineering-wide discussions.

Unsurprisingly, with increased responsibilities came increased stress. Upper management turnover was especially tough, as I found myself fighting the same political battles under each regime. My enthusiasm turned to jadedness, then cynicism, then anxiety. Eventually, despite a supportive manager and a sabbatical, I became concerned for my health and decided to make a change.

I’m now officially working for myself. After taking some time to recover, I plan to focus mostly on my own software - which I suppose aren’t “side projects” anymore - and occasionally pick up consulting work. I also look forward to having time for cooking, music, and engaging with the ever-growing Recurse Center community.

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