MinMaxMeals: cheap, healthy, and fast cooking

December 3 2018

In a departure from my typical projects, I’ve launched a cooking site! MinMaxMeals disregards culinary convention in favor of cost, health, and speed – typical meals call for $1 of ingredients and a few minutes in a microwave.

Here’s a bit on its origins from the about page:

While today I cook this way because it’s practical, it was originally out of necessity. I had suddenly become ill, and was put on a restricted diet to figure out what foods I could tolerate. Prepping all my own meals lead to my focus on speed, cost, and nutrition, while the limited ingredients ruled out most familiar dishes. As my health returned I added more ingredients, and later - after my cooking became a conversation starter - I decided to share what I’d learned.

If this sounds intriguing, check out my recipe for oatmeal that tastes like garlic bread. Or, read about the different types of lentils and how they’re often cheaper under different names.

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